Yes the noise is all around us. Those of us with a front row seat (DC, MD & VA) it’s more often than not deafening. Gone are the days of the causal complaining first thing in the am round the coffee station, water cooler or God forbid Facebook? These days opinions have transformed into palpable tremors of the heart, often leading to vein popping screaming matches over ideas, rumors, and yes sometimes even the truth gets thrown in the mix (only to be quickly lost). Today it would appear almost everyone has a cause, a call to action if you will. From the “Flat Earthers” (ca., 1956) to the Zealous “Yellow Vests”(ca., 2018) The burning of torches is nothing new yet somehow it feels as if the torches are burning brighter? Longer? Over the next year I will attempt (along with my esteemed co-host Mark M.) to delve into the madness and draw back the curtains of change to inspire, uplift and bring about a sense of comical civility where there is often none to be found. Life is too short to spend all your free time flipping cop cars and voting for that same ole botoxed face who’ll tell a lie when the truth sounds better! Join us and feel free to share your opinions that are sure to be met with a spark of joy mixed with an ounce of disdain. (apologies to #MarieKondo)

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