It’s Inevitable

We are almost programmed to expect a certain level of drama given our 24hr overbearing news cycles and our collective thirst for “if it bleeds it leads” clearly hasn’t waned if sites like & 4chan are any barometers worth their salt. AND yet; here I sit in a rather crowded #Starbucks not too far from a man in none other than a #MAGA hat. Perhaps IF I wasn’t in a glorified bastion of #liberalcentric #coffeehouse of an environment OR IF the gentleman in question actually looked like what one might normally describe as a #MAGA hat owner then I would stop right here. I am however not at a tractor pull nor am I at a local pub, nor is the gentleman who is dressed smartly for what one could only assume is a office job but his style aside it is the mere fact that he is for all intents and purposes the polar of opposite of your classic Chez Whitey. Given this country’s recent macabre fascination with ALL things Red be it a state, ones American(or non) blood coursing thru ones veins, or God Forbid a HAT? I was more than happy to see this gentleman busy on his laptop being left alone to his own devices. It proves that what we as a society have always known but rarely acknowledge; people just want to live… Oh sure one could say picking a fight (Verbally or otherwise) with a well dressed taller man is prob never a good idea & yet a nano search thru #youtube or Lawd help us ALL #Facebook will have you thinking that #ThePurge had been brought to life over & over no matter where in our great union you may reside. I’m here to tell you it’s all poppycock!!! I’m here to tell you that 4 or out 5 have NO idea who the 21st #POTUS is /was not what or what HE did or didn’t do. (This blog shall recognize the Gentleman from The Great State of NY :Chester A. Arthur because we don’t don’t time to wait for your googling abilities to kick in) other words; for all the crying screaming and fear mongering that thrills us day to day in our current political climate it will pass as surely as you and I will die. The best part is despite your bitching moaning and screaming that the world is one click away from annihilation very very very few if any of us shall be remembered in the worlds stage, yet somehow a sizable number act like every time #POTUS sends out a tweet or a celebrity bothers us with their alleged answers to ALL the worlds problems that the minute a tweet is sent a butterfly or a Rhino meets its untimely death! This is not how the world works, it’s my advice that you get out of your hood, gated community or your mothers basement and book the first flight to as far away as your digital wallet will allow, breathe air you never breathed eat foods you’ve never eaten, date a individual who might identify as a freaking tree for all I care! but do so because you are NOT long for this world my friends, THAT you can bet on. Remember it’s your life not the “Zuckerberg’s” nor any other elite or even a beggar who shall give you what can only come from you… Your hopes, your dreams, your achievements are all YOURS to bring to life!

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