Chaos & Disorder

The world it seems has been turning faster than anyone would like. The events that have shaped our lives over the last two plus months have been way more than plain old head-scratching conundrums. Those of us lucky enough to carry on day in and day out (those of us who haven’t lost jobs and or been temporarily laid off?) Face many struggles that still managed to upend our lives from time to inopportune time. One can’t help but wonder the standard questions:

  1. When will it all end?
  2. Why is this happening?
  3. How did we get here?

Lets face it those are too easy, too… dare I say it? “mainstream?”

Yes 10/10 would agree #pandemics #riots #civilunrest are literally nothing new. I’ll go so far as to say mans inability to maintain any semblance of peace & unity overall has nothing short of an abysmal track record. These last two plus months however… feel like a social experiment gone awry. The economic fallout. (Amazon notwithstanding) The finger pointing, the lack of accountability and to say nothing of the massive disinformation campaigns ALL over social media. There hasn’t been this much discourse throughout the globe since WWII. Was it Shakespeare who once famously asked: ” To wear or not to wear a mask; THAT is the question? Don’t be surprised if a shadowy & equally sinister reverse engineering intsa-influencer isn’t trying to rewrite history even as you read this now.

The constant turmoil almost feels structured; after all allegedly it was the Assyrian Nation who created what Caesar somehow still gets credit for: “Divide & Conquer” Yes thats right Divide & Conquer! I’m not Capt Conspiracy by any means BUT…are we just the global victims of ineptitude? Could ALL our leaders the world over be dropping the proverbial ball damn near simultaneously? Or is there something else at play? #socialdistancing #restrictedmovement #we’reinthistogether mantras that have permeated our lives in ways never before seen. They are in commercial jingles and PSA’s to say nothing of storefront signage, highway signage and more! They creep into our lives under the guise of #publicsafety but is that what it REALLY is? Think about the many levels of confusion/disinformation, remember when it was you don’t have to wear a mask? Remember when it was no doubt that #covid19 started in some village wet market? Then the division escalates with the killing of #GeorgeFloyd Taking sides is nothing new and neither are those willing to capitalize on said tragedy’s. Yet the profound impact of the culmination of these events in such a short span of time begs the question(s) where do we go from here? & MAYBE more importantly; what happens when we get there?

THESE are the questions YOU & I will have to answer together, divided… or not…

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