A Decade of Dreams

“The End Is Nigh” is often what one hears when the calendar reaches the inevitable moment of one decade rolling over in to the next. The naysayers rejoice, the optimists opine and the apathetic somehow manage to avoid. This particular looming decade feels different for many many reasons. Lets face it we are on the cusp of robots replacing workers, free college tuition for all and maybe even our very first female President? The world is changing at a pace never before seen at least since the industrial revolution? Life’s everyday doldrums we take for granted with nary a thought of how we got here. The food we eat, the jobs we hold, and yes the money we spend are ALL changing with each passing hour. Facebooks; “libra” and “the Impossible burger” and lets not forget “Amazon Drone Delivery” are just some examples of what will impact us in the very very near future for better or for worse? Oh sure for some cash will always be king, and that “Beyond Meat” will always remain just beyond reach for a few. Amazon however will not be ignored, the drones have already gotten the proverbial green light for air space from the FAA and thats just the beginning. Maybe you don’t know Crypto from Cash, maybe you can’t smell one faux beef taco from another but you will. It wasn’t that long ago you couldn’t make a friend on the other side of the globe without first actually traveling there. It wasn’t that long ago that shopping for groceries on your phone was thought impossible. The way we interact from our employment choices to our love lives is conducted thru one streaming wifi connection to another. The change has been so swift it has lost its element of surprise and given us a collective expectation of something else. The next 10 years is sure to leave us reeling with thoughts of where did the time go but also put us on a path towards unity. We will all serve the same cloud based masters and reap whatever perceived benefits that come with such adoration. One can only hope for cancer cures, the removal of extreme poverty and the chance to live in a place where simply voicing ones opinion no longer leads to online mob lynching and vitriol. In the meantime enjoy your virtual Doctor visits, thrive in your gig economy & revel in your ability to think for yourself for one day soon this could all change with or without your informed consent.

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