Vote…or Don’t

There are some of you roaming this planet carefree and happy and on any given day there are some of you whom give it your all with reckless abandon. In case you find yourself here in the good ole U.S. of A. & just happen to reside in any one of the states slated to cast a vote on this coming Super Tuesday by all means cast away! Now I wish it were only so simple…cast a vote=clear your conscience. THAT would be nice wouldn’t it? Looking back to 2016 one can only shake ones head at the sheer staggering lack of participation; somewhere in the neighborhood of 138 million people bothered to show up, vote & retreat back to their lives. OH yes you read that right ONLY 138 million people; which is around 58% of the eligible voters we have…FIFTY-EIGHT percent!!! Lets look at it from another perspective IF you only gave 58% of effort to your job day after day how long do you think it would be before you found yourself in trouble? IF you only paid attn to your spouse/significant other 58% of the time how long before they roll out on you? If you chose to only bathe 58% of your body on the regular trust me people would notice! YET for ALL the brouhaha over allegedly how bad the shape of this country is supposed to be in… there are more than enough people available to make genuine changes one way or another alas they simply choose to abstain from the very process they will whine and snivel over with each pithy tweet and Facebook rambling as if their inaction wasn’t any part of the problem at all. So do yourself and your fellow citizen(s) a favor, don’t just vote; take a buddy with you. Take a friend, a stranger, take the guy you hate more than anything and discuss the very thing that has brought the two of you together on such a monumental day! (civilly of course?) Remember if the numbers bear it out and we reach full participation (or at least 75-80%) Then and ONLY then will we have taken a real pulse on the heartbeat of this great country! In the meantime try and stay calm after all, its only a matter of time before the pendulum swings back like it always has.


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