It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

It is often said that “there is beauty in abundance”. The armchair cynic will tell you (yell at you?) that too much of a good thing is anything but. This leaves a significant portion of people striving to walk/run/tepidly jog down a path of somewhere in between it all. Far be it from me to tell you to strap on the latest pair of #JimmyChoo Diamond encrusted running shoes, however, there is something rather enticing about veering off the beaten path. Let’s say you are one of the always playing it safe individuals, whom has never once thought of reaching for more. Let’s just for a moment think about branching out. Maybe quitting that job? Maybe selling that outdated ultra low tech hoop ride you’ve sinking money wildly into for years? OR perhaps you are gonna go the opposite route? You could very well be ready to take in some much needed rest & relaxation. Maybe the proverbial rat race has finally run it’s course! You find yourself seeking solitude like never before; afternoon naps? Spending time with that cousin who calls you’ve dodged for years? Hobbies? maybe you never made time but NOW, now you are ready for anything from knitting to kickball.

This time of year is the best time for change no matter how small. This time of year is when you often find hidden strengths and a passion that you thought you somehow lacked. Whatever path you choose, be sure to go full tilt. That whole choose wisely thing? Fuhgettaboutit! Now is the time to embrace ALL that is around you, all that you saw but didn’t REALLY see! Remember it was only one guy at #Nike who woke up on the right side of the bed and said just need to do it! The rest as they say is history! Be that individual, be that guy, girl, or whatever? to go where you need to be. Nothing is stopping you, nothing is in your way. Eight billion or so people roam this wacky excuse for a planet, and don’t think for a moment there isn’t enough room or options for what you want or even don’t want. With apologies to ole Bob Proctor “Abundance is all around you, so make the most of it what you genuinely desire”. Whatever it is you want its already there waiting this I promise you.

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