Pack Up & Fly Away

Summertime, we often like to think of it as some sort of escape. We picture ourselves basking in the glory of all things bright & cheery. We pine for that one or two week getaway for the majority of the year prior AS IF it comes with some elixir that shall utterly free us for years to come. Does it? What is it about the sun, the rising temps, the crowds or the banality of travel that drives us to such extremes? Is it marketing? Is it the free flowing promise of never-ending alcohol consumption? Is it something more primal? When did it become a “thing” a must have? Why is it so rewarding? “A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work” What really drives us to make a trek, spend ungodly amounts of moola only to repeat the cycle year after year? Are we really just creatures of habit? Do we crave that feeling of don’t worry be happy to the point of no return? How did the travel industry go from Brownell Travel, formed in 1887 (with 10 brave souls headed to Europe) to the #microsoft backed circa 1996? (

Is our need to escape innate? Is it a manufactured human response to the day to day interactions we have with each other? The alleged work life/home life balance is that really a thing? As long as humans have existed there has been a need for us to be entertained. Just try to imagine the first human hearing another laugh! Was he shocked? Was he terrified? Was he befuddled once he starting laughing along uncontrollably as we often do when faced with such laughter? Was that feeling the first real addiction mankind has had to seek out? That feel good feeling that generally is so palpable its virtually inexplicable? Or was it mankind’s first venture into unknown territory? leaving him/her so enamored that questions abound become a priority like no other! Are there more places like this? how can I see them? What lies beyond the horizon? why has no one told me? Why do we drop seemingly everything to go where we have never been or even return to the same spot year after year after year? How many instagram photos are predictably interchangeable? You’ve seen one sunset…? God knows there are only so many Ansel Adams this world has to offer. Yet our need to capture the ocean knows no limit. Can it be our thirst for beauty is blinding us to what millions of others see on a daily basis? Does our hunger for validation grow with each posting of our latest mountain view of the clouds around us? Maybe just maybe, like the ocean beneath us that vast unexplored terrain of darkness and warmth(or cold pending how far you are willing to dive) is never meant to be conquered. Its certainly plausible that our longing to explore needs no real conclusion. That perhaps answers as we know them are nothing more than a manmade construct that really only seek to provide us with numerous way to keep our fertile minds busier and busier as time marches on. With that I shall leave you with one of my favorite Tennessee Williams quotes:

“Time is the longest distance between two places”

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